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Motorcycle Mechanic Inspection and Service Repair

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Rising Sun Motorcycles Company (RSMco), is a full service motorcycle repair business with locations in Ladner and East Vancouver. We also offer Mobile Motorcycle Services for emergency situations and pre-purchase inspections.

We are a small shop that offers unmatched customer service, very quick turn around time, and the best pricing in the industry.
So this afternoon, on the way home from the West Side, my usually totally reliable and I must say, MINT 1976 RD 400 dies and starts spewing fuel out of the overflows. Looks like stuck floats on the first ride of the year. The good folks at Tremblay Motors let me leave it there. I cold-called Rising Sun (first thing to come up on Google) and Samson does this: tells me he’ll call back at 7:00 them calls me back at exactly at 7:00 PM, drives in from North Delta, picks me up from East Van, takes me to get the bike, loads the bike and takes it to his East Van shop (which, it turns out is like five blocks from my house.) I’m one of those people who always says, “customer service is dead.” Now I know it’s not. Also, I got a bitchin’ Tee-shirt. Thanks man.
Stephen M Quinn