Got my biked tuned up after a year of sitting. Made the call, and had the bike in and out if the shop within a couple days. Super fast work, and done right. Thanks for quality job.

Sean Metcalfe

Awesome class on disassembling and cleaning carbs last night! I’m definitely in for whatever other instructional sessions you dream up.

Nikolai Michaleski

The boys at Rising Sun just did a number on my 1972 CB 350… She rides real nice, now! Thanks again, guys! Choice customer service and top quality work!

Ryan Sloan

Samson, thanks again for fixing and delivering my scooter!

Jordan Yiu

So this afternoon, on the way home from the West Side, my usually totally reliable and I must say, MINT 1976 RD 400 dies and starts spewing fuel out of the overflows. Looks like stuck floats on the first ride of the year. The good folks at Tremblay Motors let me leave it there. I cold-called Rising Sun (first thing to come up on Google) and Samson does this: tells me he’ll call back at 7:00 them calls me back at exactly at 7:00 PM, drives in from North Delta, picks me up from East Van, takes me to get the bike, loads the bike and takes it to his East Van shop (which, it turns out is like five blocks from my house.) I’m one of those people who always says, “customer service is dead.” Now I know it’s not. Also, I got a bitchin’ Tee-shirt. Thanks man.

Stephen M Quinn

Rising Sun Motorcycles came out and did a full inspection on a CB650 and provided me with the confidence and assurance I needed to make the final decision. Now a proud owner! Thanks!

Simon Quinto

Hey Samson thanks again for the mobile inspection this morning. I’m now the proud owner of a ’79 cb650. Great thorough inspection that gave me all the confidence I needed in buying a 34 year old bike!

Jason Allen

I was recently faced with some electrical issues on my 1983 XL600R Enduro. Samson at Rising Sun Motorcycles – Repair and Service took it on and saved me from loosing the rest of my hair. If you’re looking for an honest and knowledgeable mechanic then give Samson a call and he will take care of you.

Brent Akhurst

To all my motorcycle and scooter riding peeps: My scooter lost it’s soul earlier this week, and after hitting up two mechanics who took me on a merrigoround, I found Samson a Rising Sun Motorcycles – Repair and Service , on Commercial and First. The man is amazing. He picked up, fixed up by the next day, taught me how to keep the girl running, and left me with enough pocket money to go see The Beekeepers and SSRI on Saturday. Just saying. Check him out. This is one stoked lady.

Chandler McMurray-Ives


Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work you did on my Virago 750 1982 and the advice you gave me on my YZF1000 1996.

The Virago after sitting in my garage for over 15 years with a tank of gas…I can’t believe that you got it running as good or better than new.

If anyone is looking for a good and honest motorcycle mechanic, you are the one.

Once again thank you.

Sebastian Muñoz